Does your child need a tutor?

Encourage children to read during their free time. /Dennis Agaba

Children learn a lot at an early stage and they need to be supervised by teachers and parents. Some children are perhaps able to learn only when taught separately. Here is how to know when a child needs a tutor:

When you notice that your child’s grades decline every term and you alert the teachers but the marks worsen, you ought to get a tutor for the child to discover the child’s weaknesses and help them perform better.

If you are busy as a working parent, for example, you go back home so late that you do not have time to help a child with their homework, they will just do the homework for the sake of finishing it. Hire a tutor who will monitor them on how to respond to homework questions in different subjects. 

If your child’s performance is fair yet you need them to be at the top of their class, they need extra time with tutors so that they help them make necessary corrections and also revise the syllabus.

When your child lacks confidence, especially in public, or is shy to ask a question in class even when something is not clear, it is possible that their confidence can be boosted with the help of a tutor because they will learn to ask what is not clear to them. Also, the tutor will not mock them; rather, correct what is wrong.

If your child has problems or is stressed about certain issues and finds it hard to concentrate in class, especially in subjects like maths, he or she needs a tutor to stay on track.

When your child is no longer interested in school yet they were excited about it before, they need special attention as the problem could be big.

You could even be a parent who finds it hard to answer questions that your child is asking concerning school assignments, get a tutor for him or her.

The moment you notice that your child delays meeting school deadlines, it is a sign that they need extra lessons to be helped on how to work on such assignments in time.

It is advisable to let the child’s class teacher know when you are hiring a tutor so that he or she explains the child’s weakness and directs the tutor on which topics to focus on while revising with the child.

When a child participates in a number of co-curricular activities like sports or clubs, it might be tricky to balance studies, so they might need a tutor to recover lost time.

If your child has learning disabilities, like difficulty reading or writing, problems with maths, trouble remembering, short attention span, trouble following directions, poor coordination, and difficulty with concepts related to time, disorganisation, you may need an experienced tutor who knows how to handle children with these issues. 

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