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Dear Counsellor,

I am having a hard time deciding the better option for me, boarding or day school. My parents want to keep me in day school but I really think boarding is a better option as it will take a load off their shoulders. How do I handle this? Fiona
Dear Fiona,

Studies show that early boarding school goers not only excel at university, they also advance rapidly in their professional careers. Boarding school has a lot to offer to students because the environment ensures that learners are fully immersed in an educational world where learning is central to all activities. Learners tend to focus better on their studies because television, video games, phones and other distractions are limited, which in turn promotes students’ great performance. It’s an ideal preparation for the challenges and responsibilities of adult life. If you’re clashing with your parents concerning your interest in joining boarding school, you need to sit with them and tell them about the importance of joining the institution.

However, you should try to understand why they don’t want you to join a boarding school.  Is it a financial shortfall or distance from home?  Perhaps your parents don’t want you to leave home. Maybe they don’t think you can handle the responsibilities in boarding school or they simply lack knowledge about the academic boost that boarding school offers to learners. You’ll be well-positioned once you understand their concerns.

Be polite and attentive during the discussion and be sure to include information about that specific school you’re interested in, like the costs, available scholarships, class size and location. Do your best to answer their questions and provide solutions to their concerns. Have the conversation until they reach a decision. If your parents say yes, congratulations! You can start applying to your choice of boarding school. However, if your parents say no, don’t give up or break down, rather, ask them what you can do to convince them to let you attend boarding school. Take their suggestions seriously. As you find out more information, or meet their requirements, give them an update and ask them to reconsider. Show them that you are responsible.

Boarding school will provide independence, challenge your mind and strengthen your character. You’ll even become more disciplined as you’ll be bound by school rules and regulations, kept occupied through a well-balanced daily routine of academics, sports and other co-curricular activities.

Work hard and achieve good grades so that your parents can see how serious you’ve become.

Their thoughts...

Maureen Mutoni, Student

Academically, boarding school is a better option because it keeps you focused on your studies, it also saves you the hustle of that everyday journey from home to school. Give your parents a clear picture of the benefits that come with boarding and they will support you.

Tito Gakire, Student

Talk to your parents about how boarding school will give you the opportunity to study and do revision with others, which is a good strategy for academic excellence. Tell them how boarding school will help you become a better student and improve your grades. Parents always want the best for their children, so they will accept your choice.

Silas Nsengiyumva, Salesperson

You can be a great student either way. Find out why your parents prefer having you as a day scholar. Perhaps they need your help at home after school. Give it another thought, and analyse the situation at home.

Alex Kivuye, Salesperson

It looks like your parents prefer having you around; however, it’s important that you share your thoughts on what is more convenient for you and what will bring better results. Don’t be afraid of your parents, talk to them about your preferred choice. You can as well ask a teacher to talk to them on your behalf.


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