VSONE Group launches its Africa operations in Rwanda

Prabodha Sumanasekera, VSONE Group Chairman speaks at the launch ceremony.

VSONE Group, one of the leading providers of technology services in Asia, last Friday unveiled its African operations in Kigali, paving a way for the journey they believe will benefit Africa as it embarks on the digital journey.

This means the group will set up its African headquarters in Kigali, allowing them to serve areas like the financial sector, telecommunication firms, healthcare, manufacturing, hospitality, and the public sector.

They believe their experience in countries like Sri Lanka, Singapore, Malaysia, Cambodia, Australia, and Myanmar, can be beneficial to Rwanda and other African countries where they intend to work.

With over 10 years of experience, 600 employees and a turnover of about US$35 million in 2018, VSONE is currently providing a variety of products and services in the public sector, banking, financial and Insurance solutions.

They are also providing e-health solutions and e-services in hospitality, as well as automation of manufacturing across various countries in Asia.

The company says it intends to bring global innovative technologies to Africa, and enable the continent contribute to the 4th Industrial revolution.

The CEO of the Private Sector Federation, Stephen Ruzibiza chats with VSONE Africa chief executive and VSONE Chairman.

It will also hire local designers, computer programmers and engineers, company officials say.

This, and product development could see them invest about a million dollar in the medium-term.

“Our strategy is to build an African company using our learning from Asia to boost the continent’s huge talents through strong local partnerships. I am a strong believer of the continent’s potential,” VSONE Group Chairman, Prabodha Sumanasekera said.

The group, who's global headquarters are based out of Sri Lanka, provides software development solutions, analytics, systems integration, and other tech solutions – comparable to those that HP, Cisco, and Oracle offers.

According to Nkubito Manzi Bakuramutsa, the Chief Executive of VSONE Africa, they believe that Africa will have the largest workforce and will be the drivers of innovation and creativity.

“Our contribution will be to ensure that Rwandans have an improved customer experience. We will work with product and service providers to automate their supply chain making their delivery to Rwandans cheaper and more effective,” he noted.

Bakuramutsa highlighted an example of helping a restaurant have the ability to advertise their food services online and enable customers to book tables or order from their phones, or a manufacturing company to have a full control on their inputs, production and sales all this at a click of a button from their smart phones.

“You are not doing a mistake in investing in Rwanda,” Stephen Ruzibiza, the Chief Executive Officer of Rwanda’s Private Sector Federation, told the investors at the ceremony.


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