Varsity graduates find niche in cleaning tiles, water tanks

A house whose tiles are being cleaned by Phos outdoor and indoor services’ worker. Courtesy photos.

Three years ago, as Marvin Trevor Aizire was taking a walk around his neighbourhood, he observed that many houses were well painted but unfortunately had dirty roof tiles.

After conducting some research, he also discovered that a number of people take more than 10 years without washing their water tanks, which store their water for cooking and drinking.


This inspired him to explore the possibilities of starting a company that cleans these items.


Unfortunately, by then, he couldn’t do much as he lacked capital.


He was also still at university and he felt he wouldn’t give his start up business the much needed time to make it grow.  

Early this year, Aizire resurrected his idea. With a colleague, Immaculate Agaba, they started the business.

With their meagre savings and donations from some investors, the registered a Phos outdoor and indoor services based in Kicukiro. 

Immaculate Agaba, co founder Phos outdoor and indoor services.

The two young entrepreneurs did some research on YouTube about the essential information needed for this kind of business and even employed two more workers.

“Our company aims at providing cleaning services in and outside houses. The reason why we clean water tanks is that water can be a medium for many germs and contaminants. However much it may have a filtration system connected, it may not completely remove particles and impurities especially if your water tank is not clean. Remember this is the water that is used for drinking, brushing, bathing, washing fruits and so forth. Such water is a breed of many diseases,” he stated.

Aizire further explained that cleaning water tanks regularly helps prevent algae from coating the interior and keep residue from mounting at the bottom of the tank. 

Marvin Trevor Aizire, co- founder Phos outdoor and indoor services. 

Clean water prevents disease-carrying insects from the tank. A clean water tank helps in preserving water quality, colour, and smell.

The entrepreneur also noted that his business’ objective is to make sure people are free from diseases that can come along due to using water from dirty tanks.

Such health conditions include; acanthamoeba, serious eye infections which can lead to blindness.

Other health conditions that are likely to occur due to using water from a dirty tank may include; keraratitis or inflammation of the cornea, swimmer’s ear which includes symptoms like; swelling, pain, discharge, and trouble in hearing, crowns’ disease, a digestive disease that causes nausea, diarrhoea, and fatigue, skin allergies and irritation, dandruff, hair fall and other scalp infections, and diarrheal diseases (such as cholera and dysentery which are the second leading cause of death in the world for children under five years), among other conditions, he added.

The 23-year-old pointed out that his company also cleans and treats roof tiles and turns them from black to their original colour.

He stated that just like you clean your house every day, even the roof tiles and pavers need to be cleaned as it gives them longevity.

Whether the tiles are composed of clay or concrete, a regular cleaning can preclude the buildup of dirt and wreckages from affecting the tiles and prevent the growth of moss.

Aizire also noted that his services are aimed at removing an excess of unwanted organic matter from the roof.

In a month, the entrepreneurs said that they can have about 30 customers, and prices are negotiable depending on how big, small or dirty the tank, pavers or tiles may be.

Aizire added that when it comes to cleaning tiles, don’t use any person that is not experienced because tiles are sensitive and foot traffic will often cause them to crack, that is why he advises people to always use someone who knows what they are doing and can fix a problem if it occurs.

“The purpose of cleaning the pavers is to impede weeds and grass in joints, lessen moss growth, discourage ants and other insects, prevent loss of sand in joints, for easier routine cleaning, boost colour, texture and brightness, fight the effects of harsh weather conditions, and so forth,” he said.

The entrepreneurs are seeking for more funds to purchase more equipment, expand their business and employ more workers.

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