Rwanda to host 10th Omani Products Trade show

The Omani Products Exhibition at Kenyatta International Convention Centre in Nairobi. Net photo.

Cutting-edge products will be on display at the Omani Products Exhibition (OPEX) in Kigali, January 15-18, 2020.

Organised by Ithraa, Oman’s investment and export development agency, Oman Chamber of Commerce and Industry and Madayn, the four-day show is designed to boost trade relations between Rwanda and Oman.

Held at the Kigali Convention Centre, the exhibition is expected to showcase a host of leading Omani businesses from food and beverage, plastics, textiles, metals and minerals, construction and logistics.

Maymuna Al Adawi, Ithraa’s Director for Export Facilitation, said that the economic growth and diversity of economic models has boosted their confidence in the local market.

“With its economy expanding by 8.6 per cent in 2018, Rwanda has proven to be an economic role model for the continent, with leading business analysts singling it out as one of the emerging economies to watch for in terms of investment opportunities, value for money and economic growth,” she said.

 Ithraa’s Director added: “While many African economies known for distinct exports or income streams that have remained unchanged for years, Rwanda has chosen a different path by embarking on a concerted effort to diversify exports and revenue streams. Indeed, this approach has seen services become the leading driver of GDP growth in the past few years, taking over from agriculture. Given the economy’s success, we see multiple opportunities in Rwanda for Omani exporters. It’s clearly an exciting time to be showcasing Oman-made products in this important African market.”

Ayman Al Hsani, OPEX Committee Head, said that Omani products have built a strong reputation internationally, and given Rwanda’s diversification plans they are looking to forge long-term and mutually beneficial trade ties.

“OPEX is an excellent opportunity for us initiate those connections and take trade partnerships forward. As we’ve seen at recent OPEX shows in Qatar, Saudi Arabia and the UAE I’m confident the Kigali event will deliver positive results for everyone involved,”Hsani said. 

OPEX is a trade show designed to promote Omani products exported to over 140 countries. Since its launch in 2012 in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, OPEX has seen a steady increase in the number of participating companies.

“Omani firms understand that business is won at OPEX trade shows and they want a share of that success. The business turnout we’ve seen in the cities we’ve taken OPEX to over the years has been fantastic, this reflects the quality of Omani companies exhibiting at the shows. Their products are clearly in great demand,” remarked Al Adawi.

The exhibition will include 80 leading Omani businesses representing various industries.

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