PSF scraps exhibition fees for Made-in-Rwanda Expo

Minister of Trade and Industry Soraya Hakuzumuremyi (centre) chats with an exhibitor, as she tours a mini expo during the launch of Made- in-Rwanda logo, last week. /Sam Ngendahimana.

Exhibitors at this year’s Made -in-Rwanda expo will use the stands free of charge, the Private Sector Federation (PSF) has said, in an attempt to encourage more  local producers to showcase their products.

However, exhibitors will pay Rwf40, 000 for registration.

Theoneste Ntagengerwa, the Spokesperson for Made-in-Rwanda initiative at PSF, told The New Times that the discount is expected to attract a big number of exhibitors from across the country.

“Made-in-Rwanda expo is different from the annual International Trade Fair for which exhibitors pay for stands. Made-in-Rwanda, we have made the stands free of charge as we are rather focusing on bringing local producers together so they can show what they do for the Rwandan community at a bigger stages,” he said.

Ntagengerwa added that PSF is planning capacity building initiatives for the exhibitors through business clinics aimed at increasing their skills in marketing and service deliver.

“As usual, the expo is a big opportunity for exhibitors to showcase their products to a bigger market, share experiences and exchange business ideas in terms of quality manufacturing and successful marketing strategies towards the growth of market for their products,” he added.

Over 200 exhibitors have already registered and Ntagengerwa believes this year’s expo will attract a bigger number of exhibitors compared to the previous editions.

“We put in more efforts and did our best to make sure every exhibitor from different parts of the country is given a chance to participate. We are also trying to encourage the general public to embrace buying locally made products,” he said.

Georges Niyongabo, of African Sewing Club, a cooperative that makes T-shirts and shirts, hailed PSF’s assistance local firms.

“For us, exhibitors, it is a big motivation because we do not only make sales but also make contacts with clients during trade fairs,” he said.

The annual expo is slated to take place from November 28 to December 3, at the Expo Grounds, Gikondo.