MTN Rwanda data usage almost tripled while internet customers grew by 25% in 2018

MTN Rwanda CEO Bark Hofker. / File

MTN Rwanda, the leading telecom company in the country, has reported a tremendous 25% year on year growth of its internet customers. During the same year, the internet usage almost tripled, from 5.7 million gigabytes in 2017 to 14.5 million gigabytes in 2018.

Bart Hofker, the MTN Rwanda CEO said, “in 2018, MTN Rwanda invested over Rwf22 billion in network expansion and modernization, which was key in the acceleration of internet penetration by availing quality and affordable services to MTN subscribers”.

The unprecedented growth comes after a successful completion of network modernization that resulted into tripling the average internet access speed. MTN Rwanda has also been pushing a pro-customer campaign that, among other initiatives, left the internet (out of bundle) prices per megabytes slashed down from Rwf51 to Rwf10.

The trend is projected to continue as MTN has been positioning itself as the number one internet provider in Rwanda