Made-in-Rwanda Expo: some unique products on display

Bamboo Bikes being showcased at Made-in-Rwanda Expo.

Some 450 local producers are showcasing locally made products at this year’s edition of the Made in Rwanda Expo, which is taking place at the Gikondo Expo Grounds.

Organised by the Private Sector Federation (PSF), the annual expo which was officially opened last week, aims at promoting locally made products.

Exhibitors are showcasing eye-catching products from diverse sectors including ICT, agri-business, textile industries, construction and manufacturing.

Fibre-made boat

If there is one product that is most eye-catching for expo goers, it is the fibre-made small boat made by Bugesera-based factory, Dolphin Industries.

The boat is one of the fiberglass products being showcased at the factory’s stand including swimming pools, dust-bins, flower vases, fountains and fibre chairs among others.

Sachith S Menon, the director of Dolphin Industries showing off different products made out of  fibre.

Unlike other canoes made in Rwanda, the factory imports fibre from China, India and Dubai. It trains employees how they can make ships and other products out of the imported material.

Currently only samples of small canoes for children are being showcased but Sachith S Menon, the Factory Director, said they can also make even bigger vessels.

Plastic pavers

People in the construction sector and road users are familiar of cement-made pavers but some local producers are cutting a niche for themselves by using plastic waste to make pavers.

They melt plastic waste with hot barrel; mix it with sand and melanin to make pavements.

Pavement made out of plastic wastes.

According to Theogene Niyibizi, the Vice Chairperson of the cooperative, which produces the pavers, the products are environmentally friendly and cost Rwf300 each.

He said they are currently in negotiations to provide their services to Bugesera International Airport.

Manual Welding Machine

Jean Pierre Turastinze, 52, is showcasing a manual welding machine which he insists is more affordable and consumes less electricity compared to other imported gadgets.

Turatsinze fabricates the welding machines out of wires and metal components he buys from Gakiriro of Gisozi.

This  manual welding machine can even last longer compared to those being imported from abroad.

He sells each machine at Rwf285, 000, about Rwf100, 000 less than the imported ones.

Durable boots                

Cases of people citing the lack of durable products made in Rwanda have been common.

Kayonza-based Leodomille Brayagwiza has demystified this misconception with its locally manufactured gumboots.

A pair of boats being showcased at Made in Rwanda Expo.

“These are boots that I can recommend people like miners working in quarries, motorists, mechanical engineers and other people doing hard works,” said Barayagwiza

A pair of boots is being sold at Rwf25, 000. 

Bamboo bikes

At the expo, there are bicycles made from bamboo trees. The bike is attracting interest from different revelers, mainly those interested in cycling for health reasons.