FEATURED: KCB Group marks 10 years of operations in Rwanda, commits to grow investment

Central Bank Governor John Rwangombwa receives a certification from KCB Rwanda MD George Odhiambo (LEFT) and KCB Group CEO Joshuo Oigara (Right). Photo by Eddie Nsabimana.

KCB Bank Rwanda over the weekend celebrated ten years of operations at an event that brought together its key stakeholders, government officials, bank staff, board members as well as customers.

The bank has been operating in the country since 2008.

Speaking during an anniversary gala on Saturday, KCB Group Chief Executive, Joshua Oigara said the bank is committed to grow its investment in the country.

“KCB Bank Rwanda has done considerably well to get to this point. Ten years of business is commendable and it signifies that the right foundations have been laid for sustained success. So, while we celebrate ten years of milestone let’s also be cognisant of the effort we will require for the next ten years,” Oigara said.

“The bank is pleased to have played a part in driving Rwanda’s economic agenda over the past ten years and this will undoubtedly serve as a constant reminder of KCB Bank’s intention to drive development in Rwanda,” he added.

With an asset of Rwf172 billion, the bank says that it is well positioned to offer convenient banking services to both individuals and businesses in Rwanda, providing high-end digital banking services that cater for instant mobile account opening, mobile loans, real time transfers, and utility payments.

Central Bank Governor John Rwangombwa, hailed the contribution that the bank has made in the financial sector during the past ten years and recommended the bank to invest more in the future.

“We thank KCB for investing in Rwanda in the past ten years.

We appreciate the contribution the bank toward the development of our country and look forward to having them invest more in the next ten years,” Rwangombwa said.

The bank officials said that they will continue to prioritise community development through its corporate social responsibility initiatives under the KCB Foundation.

The bank has invested over Rwf100 m i in community projects that have focus on social infrastructure, education, health and entrepreneurial development.

Andrew Kairu, the KCB Group Chairman, said that beyond making profits, the bank is determined to put more investments in Rwanda and keep contributing toward creating employment opportunities for citizens.

“We have made investments in the Rwandan economy for the past ten years. However, what is similarly critical is the employment opportunities this has subsequently created. This, is in addition to the community development projects, are mandatory components of our approach, which is to sustainably grow the communities in which we operate,” he said.

KCB Bank started its operations in Rwanda in 2008, opening its first branch in Kigali, and has since opened 12 more branches nationwide, including a corporate and an advantage banking centre for premier banking.

KCB Bank operates in six countries namely Burundi, Uganda, Tanzania, South Sudan, Rwandan and Kenya, and boasts over 15 million customers across the region.