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Entrepreneur’s experience starting a vending outlet

After joining campus, Emmanuel Kayitare was determined to become an entrepreneur immediately on completion of his studies.

His dream was to contribute to changing people’s lifestyle by providing them with healthy and natural juice.


To fulfill this dream, he opted to take up the evening classes and work during the day.


After a long hunt for a job, he finally landed one in a restaurant working as a supervisor. He would work from 7 to 4 pm then go for classes from 6 to 9 pm, taking up a procurement course.


The 25-year-old said he wanted to save more so that by the time he is done with studies, he would have enough to be able to live up to his dream.

From the money he was earning as a supervisor, he made a habit of savings Rwf 50,000 per month. After a year and a half, he felt ready to take the next step.

At this period, he had accumulated a sum of about Rwf 600,000 and in addition to money borrowed from friends, he immediately started a fruit business.

Starting his journey

Throughout his life experience, Kayitare said he had seen many attempt to lose weight or just stay healthy.

some of the fresh juices and smoothie from Juicylicious shop. Photos: Courtesy.

Most of these people, he said, drank sweetened beverages such as soda, fruit drink, coffee, and other sugary drinks; studies show that much intake of such drinks lead to overweight and other health conditions.

Noting a preference and demand in refreshing soft drinks with most going for sugary drinks, Kayitare said most of them would attribute this habit to lacking options of natural juices without any added sugar.

The studies, he said also prove that one way of preventing the accumulation of excess weight and also staying healthy is through taking in natural food, more especially fruits and vegetables without added sugar or oils.

In 2018, he took up the opportunity and came up with a shop dubbed ‘juicylicious’ based at Makuza plaza-Kigali.

Kayitare at his shop serving the clients.

Juicylicious is a fruit and smoothie shop offering people fresh juice extracted from fresh fruits and vegetables.

This, he said was not only to satisfy the needs of people, but also help them stay healthy by giving them natural drinks.

Moving forward

While at school, the money from the business helped Kayitare clear all the school fees arrears.

Besides, he is now independently paying his own bills as well as helping out his family financially.

The young entrepreneur has already employed two other young people permanently, and has others working for him occasionally depending on the tasks at hand.

Minus all the expenses, Kayitare said he makes a profit between  Rwf 150,000 to Rwf 200,000.

His advice to other young people with ambitions of becoming entrepreneurs is the importance of identification of a need in the market and working to satisfy it.

Juicylicious offers fresh juice extracted from fresh fruits and vegetable.

With this, he said customers will find the need to look for them and it will not be the other way round.

He anticipates expanding his business and getting a larger space to accommodate more clients as well as introducing new food items such as salads among other healthy foods.

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