Tunisian PM wary of threat from political, media "mafia"

Youssef Chahed. / Internet photo

Tunisian Prime Minister, and presidential candidate Youssef Chahed, has warned of the control of the "political and media mafia" on the country.

"The atmosphere in Tunisia is inaccurate due to political developments in connection with the arrest of the presidential candidate Nabil Al Karoui," Chahed said in an interview broadcast Tuesday on the Tunisian radio station Mosaique FM.


He said the timing of Karoui's arrest affected the political and electoral climate, adding the judicial process proved that it is independent of the political process, and the prime minister has no authority over the judiciary.


He described the current scene as a "political war," rejecting "dictatorship" accusations against him. "I am not a dictator. I am a democrat," he stressed.


Confirming that any candidate for the presidential elections has no kind of immunity, Chahed, who delegated his powers as prime minister to the Minister of Public Service, Kamal Morjane, stated that he is under attack because of his war on corruption.

"Tunisia is now threatened by the political and media mafia dictatorship," he said, adding that confrontation with this mafia has begun to preserve the state.

He pointed out that the war on corruption is more difficult than the war on terror.

Chahed pledged that if he wins the next presidential election, he will work on achieving three priorities: foreign policy on Libya, the establishment of a constitutional court and equal pay for men and women.


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