Tanzania to employ game scouts to control raids of wild animals

Game scouts at Manyara Ranch in northern Tanzania prepare for anti-patrol. Net Photo.

Tanzanian authorities on Saturday directed councils across the country to employ game scouts for preventing wild animals from wreaking havoc to human settlements and farms.

Constantine Kanyasu, the deputy minister of Natural Resources and Tourism, made the directive following reports of deaths of people and destruction of farm crops by wild animals that raided human settlements and farms in different parts of the country.

He said successful anti-poaching operations pioneered by President John Magufuli resulted in an increase in the populations of elephants, hippos and buffalos that strayed into human settlements and farms, wreaking havoc.

“Most of the raids by the wild animals occur in villages located near game reserves and national parks,” said Kanyasu on his official tour of Mara region.

He said directors of councils throughout the country should set aside budget for employing game scouts that will assist in making sure that the animals were not harmful to mankind.

The official said the move to employ game officers will help reduce human-wildlife conflicts in areas adjacent to game reserves.

“The employment of game scouts will reduce the amount of money being spent by the government to compensate people who are being attacked by the animals,” said Kanyasu.

Vincent Naano, Musoma district commissioner, said between January and March this year, wild animals attacked and killed 10 people in the district and destroyed 1,059 hectares of farms.





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