Sudan: Government warns against sabotage, violation of law in protests

The Sudanese government said on Friday that it would not tolerate any acts of sabotage or violations of the law during popular protests against economy woes.

“The police and security forces have dealt with the demonstrations in the country in a civilized manner without repressing or obstructing them as the citizens were exercising a right guaranteed by the constitution,” Bushara Gumaa Aro, Sudan’s information minister and government spokesman, said in a statement.

However, “the peaceful protests swerved off track and transformed by infiltrators into sabotage activity targeting public institutions and properties,” he added.

Some political forces attempted to undermine security and stability to achieve their political agenda, Aro noted.

Sudan has been recently witnessing popular protests in various areas against deteriorating economic conditions and price hikes of basic commodities.

According to government officials, at least eight protesters were killed in Sudan’s eastern state of Gadarif and northern city of Atbara.