Libyan tribal elders demand UN-backed govt disarm militias in capital

The Libyan Tribal Forum, held in the city of Tarhuna, some 80 km southeast of the capital Tripoli, on Saturday demanded the government disarm all militias in Tripoli within three days.

“The Libyan tribes felt the gravity of the general situation, following violation of its sovereignty, the suffering of its children, loss of its capabilities, and deprivation of its political will because of the control of the armed gangs, which legitimized themselves and dominated sources of decision-making,” a joint statement by 1,800 Libyan tribal elders said.


The statement also demanded the militias in the capital Tripoli hand over all their weapons and dissolve all parallel bodies after being disarmed.


“A joint force must be formed from all Libyan cities, consisting of regular army and police to secure and protect” the capital, it added.


Tripoli recently witnessed violent clashes between government forces and the “7th Brigade” militia from Tarhuna, killing at least 78 and injuring 210 others.

The UN Mission in Libya later brokered a cease-fire between the fighting parties in the capital. However, the 7th Brigade threatened to break the truce and resume fighting to “eliminate crime and gangs in Tripoli.”

The UN-backed government last week rejected the threat of the 7th Brigade, and confirmed keenness to maintain security and stability in the capital.

The UN mission also called on the parties of the peace agreement to “refrain from issuing provocative statements.”

Libya has been suffering insecurity and escalating violence since the fall of former leader Muammar Gaddafi’s regime in 2011.



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