Libyan security takes control of oil corporation headquarters following armed attack

Security guards approach the headquarters of the state National Oil Corporation after it was attacked on Monday. Net photo.

The Libyan Interior Ministry’s Special Deterrence Force announced on Monday taking control over the headquarters of the National Oil Corporation (NOC) in the capital Tripoli after gunmen attacked the building earlier.

“A terrorist attack by the Islamic State targeted the NOC. So far, the remains of the suicide bombers have been found,” the Special Deterrence Force said in a statement.

“The staff and civilians were evacuated from corporation’s building. Investigation is underway to find out the identity of the suicide attackers,” the statement said.

A source of the corporation told Xinhua that the NOC headquarters has been attacked by gunmen with light weapons, who also exchanged fire with the security forces, confirming that the attack caused casualties.

Interior Minister Abdassalam Ashour also said that the corporation was attacked by “six people, who stormed the building early in the morning and used machine guns and grenades and detained a number of hostages.”

No group has yet claimed responsibility for the attack.


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