Italy agrees to provide Libya with 12 patrol boats

The Italian parliament on Wednesday approved the provision of 12 patrol boats for Libya and training for Libyan coast guards, the Italian Embassy to Libya said.

"The Italian parliament approved today a decree to provide Libya with 12 patrol boats as well as training for the units of the Libyan Coast Guard," the Italian Embassy tweeted.


The Embassy described the decision as "yet another step to strengthen Libyan sovereignty and stability."


The embassy, however, gave no further details on the date of delivery of the boats.


The Italian navy has been providing extensive support to the Libyan navy by sending vessels to Tripoli to maintain Libyan coast guards patrol boats and assist them in rescuing migrants in the Mediterranean.

In August 2017, the Italian authorities sent their first ship Tremetti to Libya, an integrated technical maintenance workshop, which offered extensive repairs to Libyan naval vessels.


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