Covid-19 infections in Africa on downward trend – report

The number of Covid-19 cases in Africa shrank by 17 percent in the past week, maintaining a continued decrease in the past seven weeks, according to the WHO African Region situation report.

Between September 2 and 8, a total of 34,564 new cases were reported from 45 African countries, marking a 17 percent drop from the previous week. Similarly, 1,173 new deaths were recorded, signaling a 14 percent decrease.


South Africa continues to bear the highest burden of Covid-19 on the continent, accounting for the majority of all new cases, the report says. However, the country sustained a decline in new cases for the past two months.


Twenty-six countries recorded a decrease in new cases, led by Malawi, Liberia and Congo.


Rwanda registered a 51 percent decline during the past week.

“We continue to maintain cautious optimism while interpreting these encouraging declining figures as they may be affected by many factors, including the current testing capacity and strategy, and delays in reporting,” reads the report.

The report reveals that 11 countries reported the highest percentage increase in case-counts.

Infections among health workers up

However, despite these gains, the report points to the continued increase in infections for health workers.

Kenya, followed by Uganda, registered the highest number of new health worker infections but South Africa still records the highest cumulative total.

Two countries, including Eritrea and Seychelles, have not registered any Covid-19 related deaths since the beginning of the pandemic.

While up to 24 countries remain under lockdowns, WHO warned that imported cases continue to rise largely fueled by long-distance truck drivers and illicit movement through porous borders.

Of all infections reported on the continent, 82 percent are recovered cases, according to the report. Only five countries account for 83 percent of all deaths.

Cumulatively, as of September 8, a total of 1,314,148 Covid-19 cases and 31,706 deaths at a case fatality ratio of 2.4 percent had been reported in the African continent. More than one million cases had recovered.

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