Seydou’s fishing trip on the boat

Down the valley near Lake Kivu, there is a small house. In this house there lives a ten year old boy called Seydou.

Down the valley near Lake Kivu, there is a small house. In this house there lives a ten year old boy called Seydou.

He lives with his parents and his baby sister. Seydou studies from Lake Kivu Primary School and he is in P.5.

Seydou’s father is a fisherman and he goes with his boat everyday to catch fish in the lake. He sells the fish to get money so that he can look after his family.

One Friday evening when Seydou’s came back from school, he found his dad and mom sited in front of their house and they were very happy. After greeting them his dad sat him down and said, "My son, we just got a letter from uncle Kwizera inviting us to go for his daughter’s wedding tomorrow. I will be going with your mom and the baby and I will need you to stay and look after the home till afternoon when we will be back."

Seydou was excited because he was going to have the house all to himself. That means he could go to the lake and swim before his parents returned. After saying goodbye to his parents he quickly did his house work. He then took his breakfast and by this time, the sun was up and shining.

He ran down to the lake and there was a cool wind blowing from the lake. This made him feel like shouting for joy because he was so excited. When he reached the lake shore, he started to remove his shirt, and then an even better idea popped up in his head.

He thought "Instead of getting wet like a fish, why don’t I row daddy’s boat and catch some fish." Seydou then climbed the boat and started rowing the way his dad had taught him. He made sure he did not drift so far away from the shore because his dad said it was dangerous.

Seydou threw the small fishing net in the water and waited to catch some fish. There was no fish for a while so he put his hands in the water and splashed it up and down. Then he saw something that was shinning trapped in the net.

He rushed and pulled out the net only to find a tiny fish looking at him. He said "we all cannot eat this fish. It’s too small." He felt sorry for the tiny fish and threw it back into the water. It swum away and it was free at last.

Seydou started yawning and realized he was hungry so he rowed the boat back to the shore. He decided it was a better idea to go fishing with his daddy because they always went far into the lake and caught a lot of fish.

He went back home ate his lunch and rested. After a while his parents and baby sister returned. He was so happy to see them and told them about his fishing trip. His parents said he was a brave boy but it was not a good idea to go in the boat without his daddy, otherwise he would not catch many fish.



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