The hare marries the king’s daughter

Once upon a time there lived a king who a lovely daughter .

Once upon a time there lived a king who a lovely daughter .

The king loved her so much that he could not let any man marry her.

One day he said to every man who came to ask to marry her, "If you can drink a pot of boiling water I will let you marry my lovely daughter.

This was a hard this for men to practice because if anybody drank this hot water would die.

But still the Daughter was beautiful; men came to ask the king to let them marry her.

So every man would have liked to marry this girl but no one was able to drink the hot water in order to get this lady.

One day Mr. Hare came to the king and he was told that if he wanted to marry the lovely Daughter, he had to drink a pot of boiling water.

Then he answered "is that all I have to do to marry the lovely daughter? It’s very easy.

His friends said to him can you drink hot water, Hare? Can you do it? Won’t you die? No you can’t if you drink boiling water Mr. Hare answered.

Mr. Hare’s colleagues said to him, you will kill your self. And then the Hare said to them, wait you will see on the next day Mr. Hare went to the king’s house and he said he wanted to speak to the king.

When the king came Mr. Hare said, I want to marry your daughter and am ready to any thing you want me to do.

The king told hare to drink the hot water and he did while his mother and sister were crying for him believing that he is going to die and then he used twenty minutes to finish the water and he remained normal.



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