Tell Chaka

Chaka: can you tell us your names? Eto: My name is Eto Fabrice.

Chaka: can you tell us your names?

Eto: My name is Eto Fabrice.

Chaka: How old are you?

Eto: I am 14 years old.

Chaka: Do you know what the mourning period in all about in Rwanda?

Eto: Yes…

Chaka: Can you briefly tell us what you know?

Eto: It is a time when Rwandans remember people who were killed in the Genocide.

Chaka: Aha… What happens in this period?

Eto: We honour people who were killed in the Genocide by re-burring their remains with respect. And..

Chaka: Aha… tell me am listening.

Eto: Television and radios tell what happened during the Genocide.

Chaka: Do you get any emotional feelings during this time?

Eto: Yes… if I watch the television, I feel scared and get bad dreams.

Chaka: What do you do to protect your self against the bad feelings and dreams?

Eto: I don’t watch the television; I make sure that I sleep earlier to avoid bad dreams.

Chaka: What was your worst picture you saw on the television?

Eto: It was the time I saw a child of 2 years being pounded like G-nuts in the pounding moter (Isekuro). My God I was so…sacred.

Chaka: Keeps quite for a while. So that’s why you can’t watch the TV.

Eto: Yes… from that moment I said, I will never watch the TV in this period.

Chaka: What message can you give to people who killed others in the 1994 Rwanda Genocide?

Eto: They should ask for forgiveness. What they did is so bad…

Chaka: Eto, thank you for sharing word of wisdom with me. I wish you the best in these holidays.


Children have the right to life. They should not be killed before their natural death. Article 37 of the convention on the rights of the child says that "No child shall be subjected to torture or other cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment."

The killing of the children in the Genocide was an inhuman act. The law should deal with people who did such cruel actions on children accordingly.



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