University of Rwanda finalises restructuring

The ongoing restructuring of the University of Rwanda is entering its final stages, with various changes expected to be announced soon.  

The ongoing restructuring of the University of Rwanda is entering its final stages, with various changes expected to be announced soon.  

The Deputy Vice-Chancellor for Finance and Administration, Pudence Rubingisa, told The New Times that the structuring process focused on how the institution can better use and manage the available resources.

“Some positions will be merged and staff may be affected. The objective is to provide the institution with a number of staff that will help to meet its objectives, including reduction on costs. For example, a college with two logistics officers could use one upon merging,” Rubingisa said. 

In October, last year, the government appointed the top administrative staff, including the chancellor and vice-chancellor, two deputy vice-chancellors and six college principals. 

The University of Rwanda has been working on a new structure, that upon completion, will provide a definitive administrative staff. 

Rubingisa added that the process also included looking at the available positions, job descriptions and profiles, as well as looking into internal re-appointments.


Some of the positions that were created include university registrar, director in charge of quality and director for research. 

The merger of public institutions of higher learning is part of the drive to maximise the use of resources that were scattered and to ensure quality education. 

For example, it will reduce visiting lecturers, while students will also be given one student’s card that entitles them access to resources from any college. 

Prof. Wenceslas Nzabalirwa, the former vice rector for academics at the now College of Education, said: “I have been teaching and after these reforms, I continued with my work. I will wait for the restructuring, and see what it will bring. We have to change the mindset to embrace the reforms taking place.” 

Rubingisa said after the internal restructuring, the remaining vacant posts will be openly competed for.

Construction of headquarters 

Meanwhile, another project expected to take off soon at UR is the construction of the university headquarters at the College of Sciences and Technology (former Kigali Institute of Technology). 

Rubingisa alos disclosed that the university is in the advanced stages of securing support from the Republic of Korea towards the construction of the UR headquarters.  

The university is also in talks with the African Development Bank to fund a project that will enable the country to be a centre of ICT and Bio medical engineering respectively, the official said.


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