To debate or not to debate the issue of ‘Abapfubuzi’?

Editor, REFER TO the story, “Senate raises concern over male sex workers” (The New Times, March 20). 
Lawmakers during a past plenary session. File.
Lawmakers during a past plenary session. File.


REFER TO the story, “Senate raises concern over male sex workers” (The New Times, March 20). 

It’s true the problem (if it’s to be considered a problem at all) of abapfubuzi exists; however, I don’t think this is a serious matter, big enough to waste our legislators’ precious time – the time which should be dedicated to more burning issues such as unemployment, quality of education, food security, unwanted pregnancies in younger girls, poverty, etc. 

Both abapfubuzi and those rich women who lure them into sex acts are all adults who can decide their own fates. Whatever they are doing is consensual and it has to stay between them. It cannot, in any way, be considered as rape or sexual violence. 

Let our Deputies and senators not fall into the trap of discussing unnecessary, immoral human acts, yet we have more serious issues to contend with. These and many more issues, such as drug abuse, fake pastors, illegal trade and banking, and prostitution, have root causes in fragile spouses who fail to breed their children for a decent future life.

By addressing their root causes first, you will have prevented this and all similar cases.

Louis Pascal, Rwanda


I JUST can’t believe my eyes reading that our legislators really spent their time debating something like two responsible adults engaging in consensual sexual act. 

Kindly spend your precious time (for which you are paid, anyway) to address the acute problems of employment and more other burning issues such as teen pregnancies. 

I am sorry, but this is not a topic to debate at this time.

Toni, Stuttgart, Germany


WHAT SOME people take to be a small matter now will turn out to be a very big matter when they later find out that some of the victims are close friends or relatives. 

In a neighbouring country, what started as a rumour several years ago grew into an issue of serious national concern. Parents with children in boarding schools had sleepless nights when news started circulating that promoters of homosexuality had all along been recruiting young people from schools. All this was not taken seriously until some people went public and started claiming their rights.

You will be very surprised to learn that these young men have changed the gender of their clients. Watch out, you have been warned.

William, London United Kingdom


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