Who are the TPF contestants?

Today we bring you the last part of the series of the faces in TPF Season Six contest. Tusker Project Fame Season Six kicked off last Sunday, October 13 and three contestants, Peace Jolis from Rwanda,Tanzania’s Dubert and Tanah were evicted.
“Undercover Brothers”
“Undercover Brothers”

Today we bring you the last part of the series of the faces in TPF Season Six contest. Tusker Project Fame Season Six kicked off last Sunday, October 13 and three contestants, Peace Jolis from Rwanda,Tanzania’s Dubert and Tanah were evicted.  Solo singers and groups are competing for this year’s Tusker Project Fame grand cash prize of Kshs 5million, and a one year record deal with Universal Music Group South Africa.

“Undercover Brothers” Abudul Kakiika and John Kirya,

Abudul Kakiika, 21, is a musician from Kampala, Uganda. One half of the Ugandan duo, ‘Undercover Brothers’,  Kakiika’s dream started long before the competition.  Forming ‘Undercover Brothers’ after taking part in another music competition back in Uganda, Kakiika and Kirya have been performing together for the last three months. Taking the plunge to try out for Tusker Project Fame 6, Kakiika hopes that this time, they will go all the way and do Uganda proud.

What habits annoy you the most?

Too much noise... and smoking.

Where is the furthest you have been away from home?

I have been to the UK. When I was 16, I was part of a choir that toured the UK.

Do you believe you (Undercover Brothers) have what it takes to win Tusker Project Fame?

Yes. I believe we can do it. It is a competition but we have what it takes.


Kirya is a 22-year-old singer from Kampala, Uganda. His musical talent is the only way he could stand out in such a big pack and Kirya has stood out strong.  Joining forces with Kakiika for ‘Undercover Brothers’, Kirya started his musical journey and he hasn’t looked back since then. His dream is to perform for millions of people and meet his role models. For now, Kirya has the first part of his dream covered.

What habits annoy you the most?

Back biters.

Sitenda Kisakye, (Uganda)

Sitenda Kisakye is a 27-year-old Forensic Scientist, born and raised in Kampala, Uganda. Kisakye is a Ugandan songstress, who has spent 5 years in the UK, studying to be a forensic scientist. But her love for music led her in a different direction. Her family, by her own admission, probably want this just as badly as she does.

Kisakye would love to go far in Tusker Project Fame 6, and she will use the fame that she gets (or possibly the money she gets when she wins) to help children who don’t have someone to stand up and represent them.

What habits annoy you the most?

I don’t like people who don’t take the time to listen.

Who is your music role model and why?

Lauryn Hill. I think that she is really cool. Her lyrics are really deep, and it always comes from a broken place. Plus her voice is pure soul.

Derrick Kojjo, (Uganda)

Derrick Kojjo, 23, is a pianist, born and raised in Kampala, Uganda.

Having lost his parents to HIV/AIDS, Kojjo’s story is one of triumph over diversity. He has since then been looking after his brother with the help of some close friends.

Kojjo never finished secondary school but that hasn’t stopped him, he has been playing the piano in church since he graduated from music school. Hard work has made him an avid pianist and guitarist.

Kojjo heard about Tusker Project Fame about three years ago and decided then to try it out. He’s been preparing for the auditions and believes he has what it takes.

Who is your music role model and why?

Usher Raymond. His performances are something.

Daisy Ejang, (Uganda)

Ejang, 21, is a Ugandan singer who is making a big step into the Tusker Project Fame Academy. The youngest of six children, Ejang believes that she is an independent woman, who can take care of herself. A big voice and a beautiful smile, East Africa had better watch out for Ejang.

What habits annoy you the most?

I hate pretentious people and people who don’t just say what they mean or what they want.

Do you cook?

Of course I do, I am an African woman.

Describe your fashion style?

Ummm...! I don’t know... I am comfortable. I dress comfortably.

Bior, (Sudan)

Bior, 21, is a university student, representing South Sudan. He seems rather unassuming, but once he starts to talk, his clear accent and his shy gaze makes him very endearing.  He lives in Uganda and is studying to be an accountant. He started singing back in 2004, but he didn’t get too into it since music in South Sudan doesn’t have a truly developed sound yet. But he believes this is his chance to shine and make something happen for his music in South Sudan and East Africa.

How far do you think you will get in this competition?

I think top two... maybe semi-finals.

Describe your fashion sense?

Jeans, t- shirts... simple and nice.

Jay–Z or Justin Bieber? Why?

Ummm... Justin Bieber. Not that I don’t like Jay–Z, it is just that I am not a Hip-hop artiste. So I’ll go with the RnB singer.

Angel, (Tanzania)

The 24-year-old, graduate representing Tanzania, Angel, grew up as the child of a musical dynasty in Tanzania. Angel was raised by her late grandfather (who was a professor and an organist).  Music is in her blood. Funny and truly beautiful, Angel enjoys a good laugh. When Tusker Project Fame rolled into town this time around, Angel got calls from her best friend, her best friend’s mother, and a number of other people telling her to audition. Angel took a chance... and she doesn’t regret it at all

What habits annoy you the most?

People who cannot clean up after their mess. I hate dirt and dirty kitchens and such.

If you could visit any country in the world, where would you go?

Spain... great food.


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