Kinigi residents want to stick with RPF

Residents of Kinigi Sector in Musanze District have said they will vote for the Rwanda Patriotic Front-led coalition in the parliamentary elections slated for next week.

Residents of Kinigi Sector in Musanze District have said they will vote for the Rwanda Patriotic Front-led coalition in the parliamentary elections slated for next week.

Thousands of residents and party supporters who turned up at the Kinigi playground on Tuesday said RPF saved them from Interahamwe militia and infiltrators that characterised the area in the aftermath of the 1994 Genocide against the Tutsi.

The residents said the sporadic attacks  that saw the maiming and killing of their relatives and neighbours had retarded development in the sector.

Besides, they said, RPF-Inkotanyi has done a good job of putting in place infrastructure that has been catalyst for socio-economic development of the country.

The elections run from Monday to Wednesday.

Musanze is one of the districts that were mostly affected by insurgencies by the militia  that fled into eastern DR Congo after the Genocide.

“Hadn’t it been for RPF’s protection, we would probably be an isolated place, and I promise I will vote for the party in the elections,” said Agnes Mukanoheli.

“RPF has brought gender equality and promoted education for all, children are studying near their homes and we have clean water and electricity; we are ready to vote for MPs whom we believe will keep working hard for us,” she added.

Josephine Uwineza, another supporter, said she spent many months eluding the infiltrators who killed her family members, adding that her vote is the least she can give back to the RPF.

“It is like I am married to this party, I will never disappoint it. I know how far I have come. It is my hope that fellow Rwandans understand the significance of this party regarding the transformation it has driven in this country.”

RPF Commissioner and Governor of Northern Province Aime Bosenibamwe urged supporters to always be cognisant of the past, saying Kinigi people should vote for the party to stay on course.

“RPF will work to eradicate poverty and strive for self reliance of every Rwandan in all domains,” Bosenibamwe said

 Musanze has two aspirants; Diogene Silimu and Marie Therese Murekatete.

Party woos Gasabo

Meanwhile, the RPF-led coalition campaigned in Gasabo District in the City of Kigali on Tuesday, where candidate Edouard Bamporiki assured the electorate that voting for RPF means voting for quality governance.

The RPF has succeeded in forging unity, establishing peace and security, fighting corruption and effectively fighting genocide ideology, Bamporiki said.

“Vote for RPF for sustained development with continued rollout of social amenities like electricity and water for all,” said Bamporiki, who is among the representatives of Gasabo.

Elections for the 53 openly contested parliamentary seats are scheduled for Monday, while those for representatives of the women (24 seats) will be held on Tuesday, and for the youth (two seats) and the disabled (one) on Wednesday.

Apart from the RPF-led coalition (which also comprises of the Ideal Democratic Party (PDI), Parti Socialiste Rwandais (PSR), Parti du Progrès et la Concorde (PPC) and Centrist Democratic Party (PDC), other parties including the Liberal Party (PL), PS-Imberakuri and the Social Democratic Party (PSD) are in the race.

Four independent candidates; Venuste Bizirema, Léonille Mutuyimana, Gilbert Mwenedata and Clovis Ganza, are also in the race for the openly contested seats.


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