Surely TVR can do better

Can’t Television Rwanda stop boring its viewers and become interesting? We know too well that electronic media is supposed to feed the public’s eyes and ears on informative and educative material but that is not enough! Just like the famous biblical saying goes, “man shall not live on bread alone!” and so our eyes will not ‘feed’ on hard stuff alone.

We also need some entertainment. Besides, most of what we see and hear on TVR is common knowledge and known to many.

What is most disappointing is that old songs, old movies especially Victorians frequently appear on the screen as if they were adverts.

The cartoons show at the wrong hours. Not to mention are the unclear graphics.

It is very surprising that with the hilly landscape of the country, the television signal is always blur in many parts of the country.

 This is a true but strange fact that a country thriving in the ICT is lagging behind in electronic media. Something needs to been done to save the country’s television.