Markets should extend working hours

Kigali City Council has with all certainty given permission to the Kigali business community to work as far as late in the night. However, it is disappointing to see the business community still lagging behind and yet they claim to be part of the EAC which is moving at a rather fast pace.

Markets in Kigali should extend their working hours in respect of the KCC authorization.

The market operators should bear in mind that a good number of their customers leave their work late in the evening and would love to do some shopping there after, but alas, they have no where to buy organic food.

Market authorities should also know that they take the lead in initiating reliability between the customers and the vendors by targeting the appropriate customer service hours of the markets.

All markets have reliable security and should therefore have no excuse of failing to extend their working hours. Wakeup, out of your slumber and work hard.