Districts to stop use of polythene bags

EASTERN PROVINCE RWAMAGANA — The use of polythene bags as wrappers of tree seedlings in nursery beds has been abolished in the Eastern Province.


RWAMAGANA — The use of polythene bags as wrappers of tree seedlings in nursery beds has been abolished in the Eastern Province.

Local leaders should now

encourage people to use banana fibers instead of the polythene bags. This was among the resolutions reached at a ceremony to evaluate the performance contracts after the first quarter of this year. Other development mechanisms suggested include use of irrigation techniques during the dry spell, time management among leaders and to encourage residents to grow vegetable gardens around their homes.

The Prime Minister, Bernard Makuza presided over the function carried out yesterday at AVEGA center in Rwamagana district. All the seven districts of Eastern Rwanda presented their achievements. In his speech, the premier lauded the leaders for their great performance.

"The terrain and other special characteristics like availability of lakes are favorable to foster development in the Province," Makuza observed.

"Due to favorable climate you have achieved a lot in cattle rearing, banana plantation and many others. The province leads in settling residents in village settlements (midigudu) and in land consolidation. You have achieved a lot in line with four government pillars of development; good governance, justice, economic development and social welfare. You deserve to be role models to other provinces," Makuza said attracting thunderous clapping from the audience.

He urged area leaders to maintain the lead and improve the social-economic living standards of the residents. The premier urged district leaders to integrate family planning campaign in their performance contracts and engage locals in development programmes.

Protais Musoni, the Minister of Local Government (MINALOC) urged mayors to transform their Power Point presentations into documentary films which would be shown to residents to encourage them to work harder.

He called for an integrated approach in order to achieve fast development. Musoni noted the integrated approach promotes a sense of ownership of activities among residents for strong and sustainable development.

Presenting his quarterly achievements, Valens Ntezirembo, the Mayor of Rwamagana attracted applause from the audience when he said residents of Karenge sector had transformed their trading centre to the standards of Kigali city.

Dr. Ephraim Kabaija, the provincial governor called for joint planning between leaders and development partners to achieve a common development goal.

District mayors were asked to always relate their performance contracts to the country’s Vision 2020 and the Millennium Development Goals.



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