Why it is necessary to go to bed early


Get enough sleep at night to be fresh the next day. (Net photo)

Like the saying goes, ‘early to bed and early to rise’, children need to sleep early so that they wake up fresh and healthy to go to school. If they do not get enough sleep at night, they will fall asleep in class and not pay attention.

Children’s bedtime should be constant, for example, if they sleep at 7pm every day, it should be maintained to enable early waking up.

Parents should always make sure that dinner is served early for children to eat before falling asleep, but to those with sleeping issues, you should read them a book or sing a song until they are sleep.

When a child sleeps early, it will help him or her have healthy sleeping habits in the future, if the sleeping pattern is constant.

If a child knows the specific time they should be in bed, it allows them to plan for the next day before they get into bed.

Enough Sleep helps kids relax from the long day’s activities and their thinking is sharpened, hence being happier.

If children do not get enough sleep, they wake up tired, restless, or might even fail to answer the simplest questions in class.

Researchers say that lack of enough sleep can hinder proper growth and may weaken the immune system.

Experts discourage feeding your child on foods that contain caffeine, like sodas and coffee, watching scary programmes towards bedtime or even exercising at night, as it might hinder a child from sleeping. Let your child go to bed when they are feeling sleepy but not to play or do homework in bed.

You could be wondering about how long a child should sleep, well, scientists say that kids of age five to 12 need 10 to 11 hours of sleep every night.