SPONSORED: Rwanda’s Men Resources Center (RWAMREC) engages men in promoting Gender Equality and Equity


Karongi National Youth Council Committee, Boys and Girls trained on Gender equity and equality by engaging males and females.

Rwanda Men’s Resource Center (RWAMREC) as an organization recognizes gender equality and equity as a fundamental human right and as a condition for effective and sustainable family and National development.

In line with this year’s Women’s Day 2018 theme “Press for Progress”, the organization has embarked on supporting women leadership through promotion of positive forms of masculinities by engaging men and boys as positive and supportive partners, and strengthening strategic partnerships between women and men to spur socio-economic development.

According to Museruka David, the Executive Secretary of RWAMREC, the organization mobilizes men to promote positive forms of masculinities advocate and trains them to act as role models in promoting gender equality and equity, train also women on empowerment and on elimination of men’s violence against women and children.

Despite a fundamental positive change that is backed by commendable government will, some women especially in the rural area face violence of different forms that prevent them from unleashing their full potential.

“It’s important for people to respect each other and to know their rights. We train men to deal with positive masculinities which results in their honoring and respecting women’s rights” Says Museruka.

He adds that promoting greater equality, economic empowerment and entrepreneurship development, RWAMREC has developed interventions that focus on couples, hoping to challenge the cultural norms that put women at socio-economic disadvantage in comparison with men.

Also in order to promote partnerships and collaborations among men and women in GBV prevention strategies, RWAMREC works closely with local leaders in 21 Districts and other key stakeholders to raise awareness and advocacy on gender equality and GBV prevention at national and local levels.

Karongi Parents' Evening Committee trained on Gender equity and equality by engaging males and females.

The organization engages men in preventing other men violence against women and children through community mobilization and networking with other organizations and ensuring steady growth of mass mobilization activities nationwide.

Men are engaged through the creation of men self-reflection groups to positive masculine behaviors and practices which raises awareness and brings about change actions in families and communities.

RWAMREC with its partners enlisted male students in fighting sexual and gender-based violence in their respective schools, ‘The ‘Boys4change’ which have been seen as model clubs created in schools to champion the cause and aims at engaging boys in changing misguided masculine behaviors and norms that contribute toward gender-based violence in the country.

Thus men can, indeed, benefit from greater gender equality. For example the pressure of being the main breadwinner of the household is lifted and they build healthier relationships with their wives and children. “A man’s manhood is reflected in the way, he treats all the women in his life!” Happy women’s Day from RWAMREC.