70 Rwanda Defence Force medics get UN medals in Central African Republic


MINUSCA Sector East Commander, Brig Gen Adil Yamin, decorates Col Dr Jean Chrysostome Kagimbana, the Commander of the Rwanda Level II+ Hospital contingent of Rwanda Defence Force in Central African Republic. (Courtesy)

Seventy members of Rwanda Defence Force medical team operating in Central African Republic have received medals in recognition of their professionalism and selfless service in carrying out their duties of bringing peace and stability in Central Africa Republic (CAR).

The officers are part of the Level II+ Hospital contingent, serving as peacekeepers under the United Nations Multidimensional Integrated Stabilization Mission in the Central African Republic (MINUSCA).

The ceremony took place at the Contingent headquarters in Bria, East of Central Africa Republic.

According to a statement from RDF, the decorated women and men of the medical contingent were deployed to CAR back in August 2017 for a one-year tour of duty that will be completed in August 2018.

“During their first six months, they carried out many outpatients and inpatient cases, performed various major surgical operations, and realised successful missions of aero-medical evacuations among many tasks performed,” reads the statement.

“They detached 2 teams for 3 months and 1 month respectively to Bangassou to support ongoing military operations and to Pombolo to provide medical assistance to the population in the context of a major humanitarian crisis.”

Besides this, Rwanda Level II+ Hospital made two donations of medicines and other medical consumables to Bria General Hospital in the context of its humanitarian initiatives, according to the statement.

Members of Rwanda Level II+ Hospital contingent during a parade in Central African Republic. (Courtesy)

The MINUSCA Sector East Commander, Brig Gen Adil Yamin, on behalf of the Special Representative of Secretary General in CAR, presided over the ceremony and awarded UN peacekeeping medals to the RDF contingent led by Col Dr Jean Chrysostome Kagimbana.

Speaking at the event, Yamin commended the Rwandan peacekeepers for their professionalism and compassion to the multinational patients.

He congratulated women and men of Rwanda level II+ Hospital for their achievements so far and encouraged them to keep being good ambassadors of UN and their country as they serve this noble mission.

Rwanda has maintained peacekeepers in Central African Republic following the 2013 violence in the country pilling mainly between the Christian and Muslim communities.

A Team of Rwandan medical hospital contingent performs a surgical operation under MINUSCA.