KWEZI AND I...Of learning new languages

Kwezi and Nasra

If you must know, it takes more than one person to look after two toddlers. You basically have to keep alert and you cannot afford to let any of them out of your sight, unless of course you are courting problems. Unfortunately, one of the two amazing girls who do a great job keeping Kwezi and Jasmine in line, has been away, so naturally, Kwezi was once again on her way to my parents’ house. Some people have actually asked me if the back and forth is not tiring but what most people don’t know is that I am a “city born”. My parents don’t live in a village somewhere far where I have to get time off work and travel. They live in Kigali City. So no, it’s not hard work. It actually is fun, at least for Kwezi. She has come to love those trips.

Anyway, two weeks on, I thought that I had become accustomed to her being away but I was wrong. I terribly miss her and so, on Sunday, I just couldn’t help it anymore and so I packed one day’s clothes and went to visit her.

She was very excited to see me and I her. She was not to be left again and even if I had to visit the bathroom, she was standing there waiting. It’s great to be loved that much. What I noticed to my surprise is that Kwezi is now speaking some Kinyarwanda and this really makes me happy. You see, in our home, only the guard and I can speak Kinyarwanda. The rest of the household speaks English. So being at her grandparents’ house has come with more benefits than I imagine. She is still confused though, so she mixes the words. For instance, she says “Mummy, we go kayaba” for “Mummy, we go and shower”. She also says “Tate, give milk mata” for “Grandma, give me some milk”.

Interestingly though, I am still mummy but the title has been tweaked a little bit. I am now ‘Mummy Nash’. I wonder what that really means, but it really doesn’t matter and I still find it amusing. She also wants to do everything. She wants to sweep, lay beds and really gets upset when she is discouraged.

Kwezi is a ‘boss’ everywhere she goes and her grandparents tell me that she listens and is disciplined but she also has demands and tantrums. I keep telling my mother in particular that I am an enemy of tantrums and she should try some toughness once in a while, but she laughs it off. She thinks that that’s my job. She claims she spent all her toughness on us and it’s our turn to apply it to our children. I am always disappointed to hear that but I fully understand.

 I will be picking her up some time this weekend and I can’t wait, but I am also not looking forward to her attitude.