France should stop shielding genocidaires

Dear Editor,

RE:Rwanda slams France over employment of Genocide convict in public hospital” (The New Times, February 6).

France’s continued disregard for arrest warrants issued for genocide suspects on its soil reveals its collusion with them

Rwanda has issued 42 international arrest warrants for alleged perpetrators of the genocide in France, but only three have been executed. This continued disregard for arrest warrants issued for genocide suspects on its soil reveals that France totally adhered to the genocidal plot and continue to support and cover up its perpetrators.

This can also be explained by the fact that France tries to shield genocidaires on its territory by reneging its international obligations ascribed by international legal instruments like Resolution 2150 of the UN Security Council adopted on 16th April, 2014 which requests the International Community to fight against denial and trivialisation of genocide and to prosecute its perpetrators and those who continue to spread genocide ideology or the International Convention on Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide (also known as the Genocide Convention) -to which France is signatory-,which states that to deter people from committing crimes of genocide, those responsible for such crimes need to be brought to justice and to fight impunity and establish a credible expectation that the perpetrators of genocide and related crimes will be held accountable to effectively contribute to a culture of prevention.

France should stop shielding genocidaires on its soil and execute the recommendations of the UN Human Rights Council’s 29th session that took place from 15th to 26th January 2018, which asked France to either try all genocidaires on its territory or extradite them to Rwanda.