Education ministry on countrywide tour to enhance quality of education

The Ministry of Education on Monday launched a countrywide awareness campaign on quality education that officials believe would help identify issues affecting the quality of education and chart way to address them.

The tour that targets over 600 schools both public and private would focus on various issues including school drop-out and repetition and school management and leadership efficiency in the teaching and learning in all schools.

It will also cover vocational schools and Higher Learning Institutions.

They will also focus on school hygiene and sanitation, unwanted pregnancies, drug abuse, practical training to enhance student skills set mainly in vocational schools and HLIs.

The Ministry of Education is determined to improve the quality of education but despite the fact that lot has been achieved in the education sector and at all levels, gaps and challenges still remain, reads part of a statement from the ministry. 

Officials also said that the awareness campaign which will be carried out in partnership with the Ministry of Local Government will be held on a quarterly basis and this is its first phase.

The campaign will run under the theme “Proper Instructions and Values, a Key to Quality Education” 

The objective of the Quality Education Enhancement Awareness Campaign is to reinforce awareness of District Education Officers, Sector Education Officers, head teachers and all education stakeholders to mitigate education issues that impede the quality of education, according to the statement.