Nyarugenge wins Kigali cultural troupe award


Inganji cultural troupe from Nyarugenge district won the overall prize and walked away with a cash prize of Rwf1million. / Faustin Niyigena

The City of Kigali on Friday awarded Kigali’s best Cultural troupes during its annual ‘Kigali City Traditional Cultural Dance Competition.’

Six out of nine team were awarded Rwf1m, Rwf0.8m, Rwf0.6m, Rwf 0.5m, Rwf0.4m and Rwf0.2m. The competition began in the sectors and proceeded to the districts, where the best three were chosen and finally competed in city of level.

The winners of the competition were Inganji from Nyarugenge, Abahogora Mu Mariza,Inkerabigwi, and Imanziz’umuco from Kicukiro, Inkubitoy’abato and Indashyikirwa from Gasabo, respectively.

Charles Rusimbi, who is in charge of youth, sports and cultural at City of Kigali said that besides the prizes, the City of Kigali will organize a concert where the best three performers will showcase their skills.

“We also want to make sure that each district and sector has a troupe that will represent it and perform during their ceremonies. The winner from each district will also be added on the city troupe to make it bigger and stronger,” he added.

ProtaisMurayire, the chairman for the Federation of Rwanda Traditional Troupes, noted that the purpose of the competition was to recognise young talented cultural entertainers and support them to develop their talent.

“Some young people are very talented in traditional dances but have not acquired the publicity they deserve. This is our way of bringing them out.

The competition will also help us get the best troupes that will join the national troupe. Our wish is that this competition is extended to other parts of the country outside Kigali where more talent in traditional entertainment can be revealed,” he said.