SPONSORED: KTRN launches 4G social packs and online accounting software


Small and medium businesses in Rwanda are going to find it easy to run after the launch of “SAGE One”, a simple and secure online accounting software that supports entrepreneurs, small & growing businesses in doing business.

The launch of the online 4G SAGE ONE accounting software took place at 4G square in Kigali on the 30th of January 2018 and was attended by KTRN staff, SMEs representatives, journalists and 4G retailers.


During the launch, Han-sung Yoon   the CEO of KT Rwanda networks, a wholesaler company with exclusive license for providing of Universal mobile broadband network using 4G LTE Technology national wide; and Ben Kanzira the Managing Director of B+ Consulting, a company in Rwanda that is in charge of selling SAGE PASTEL Services within the republic of Rwanda signed an MOU engaging them in a partnership agreement to bundle 4G LTE internet packages with SAGE ONE product.

During the same occasion, the CEO of KTRN launched ISANZURE internet packs that will be available starting February 2018 and are more convenient and affordable. The CEO explained that “Isanzure packs have been developed through request from retailers to avail affordable 4G products that shall help increase service penetration but also create some incomparable benefits to the users; with Isanzure Packs, users is guaranteed high speed connectivity and unlimited access Social network sites such as Whatsaap, Facebook, Instagram, twitter within a week’s validity, even when one’s purchased bundle has been exhausted”

While giving his speech, Han-Sung Yoon said while coverage expansion has been the focus for the last 3 years, now it’s the time to bring more value for users to appreciate the capabilities brought by 4G technology.


“We are happy to be working with B+ Consulting in providing to our clients with software that will help small businesses entrepreneurs to do their accounting cheaply through the use of our 4G internet”

After the signing, the Managing Director of B+ Consulting Ben Kanzira gave a demonstration about Sage one and how the application works and the advantage that it offers for small business entrepreneurs.

According to Kanzira, they decided to work with KTRN because it has been proven that their 4G connectivity provides the right speeds necessary to conduct online accounting.


“Sage One is very user friendly and helps the user to gain access to everywhere he is and by bundling it with 4G LTE, users will have unlimited access to the software, and access other sites with the fastest internet speed for a period of one month” says Kanzira

“You can never risk losing your data as it is stored by Sage and is available whenever you log in online. It’s very suitable for small and medium enterprises due to budget and other resource constraints plus it has been made simple for non-accounting professionals to run the accounting operations & reporting” explained Kanzira

KT Rwanda Networks is the only 4G LTE infrastructure company in Rwanda, jointly invested by the Government of Rwanda and kt exclusively for wholesale provision of universal mobile broadband network in Rwanda using 4G LTE technology.


The wholesale network service for mobile broadband will help to promote healthy competition for advanced retail services and solutions, and will benefit consumers, enterprises and the nation in transforming Rwanda into the ICT hub of East Africa.

KT Rwanda Networks was established to deliver universal broadband access based on world-class 4G LTE technology on top of Rwanda’s national Fiber optic infrastructure and manage the fixed-mobile converged infrastructure as the wholesale provider of high-speed mobile broadband, covering 95% of the population. The given mandate is expected to be fulfilled by the end of April 2018.