Chinese should start setting up plants in Africa


RE:Chinese automaker Foton Motor unveils its vehicle brand in Rwanda” (The New Times, January 29). But why don't Chinese ever bring their manufacturing to Africa? It is as if we are forever destined to take in whatever they bring from wherever without it bringing any value than just using it. There is no partnership in that. There is only exploitation of the market (us, Rwandans and Africans). We need to ask the Chinese to come and manufacture whatever they want to sell us on our land. And, of course, they should give us jobs. What else is in it for us?

We are the market. We have the power. We might not yet have the capacity to manufacture, but it's even worse for the Chinese. They know it; they must produce, whether in China or abroad. We just have to use our bargaining power and stop being the fools of the Chinese.