Morocco shares a lot with the rest of Africa


RE: “Rabat: A city of great architecture, cuisine and music” (The New Times, January 28). Is there such a thing as African lifestyle? Africa is a continent composed of many multi-ethnic countries. Some countries have black and Indian people; some, such as South Africa have black and white people; others such as Mauritius have black people, Indians and Chinese.

Moroccan lifestyle is probably much closer to African lifestyle than that of Spain and Portugal. For instance, many Moroccans eat their food with hands but Spanish and Portuguese do not. Many black Africans have large numbers of Muslim populations, with some, such as Somalia, are almost 90 per cent Muslims.

You should have also visited rural areas in order to clearly understand Morocco’s way of life. In my view, Morocco is closer to Spain and Portugal with respect to economic development than it is to the rest of Africa but their lifestyle is totally different from that of Spain and Portugal.