We need to embrace PayPal


RE: “2017 was pivotal to Rwanda’s push for cashless economy” (The New Times, January 9).

And yet, PayPal, one of the world’s largest and easiest online payment methods around for 20 years, seems to be summarily ignored. Instead, every network is striving to push its brand of mobile money. The charges are confusing between networks and it doesn’t work for online buying and selling internationally.

It’s 2018 and I still can’t purchase internet online. I have to queue up to renew my P.O. Box in cash, and I’ve tried three online banking systems, all of which suffered technical glitches and were difficult to make payments through: GT Bank, Access Bank and KCB (where I couldn’t get beyond the password). And, Access Bank’s mobile app doesn’t work with Airtel.

Please, please make PayPal a thing. Or at least make topping up online with a credit card a thing. There’s nothing worse than running out of internet at 10 o’clock on a rainy night and knowing that you have to go out to either buy a scratch card or to put money on your mobile money to buy airtime. It should just be a pop-up option to ‘buy internet’ there and then.