Parents have a key role to play in fighting drug abuse among youth


RE: “Anti-drugs campaign taken to Western Province” (The New Times, January 11).

Consumers of narcotics are part of the big Rwandan family, they are among us, they are our relatives and it is so worrying that a big percentage of them are youths.

Parents need to take a primary responsibility in ensuring that children are protected from all kinds of psychotherapy substances and subsequently help to nurture them into becoming more responsible and competent citizens.

The fight against drug abuse should begin within families, and this is much more effective and would definitely help to discourage demand and thus giving difficulties to suppliers to find market. I should also put it out that, if much effort is put in cutting/discouraging demand for drugs, suppliers will find the business no longer profitable and will definitely be forced to switch to other legal business ventures.

In my opinion, this is how Rwanda would become free from the drug abuse.