Yes, Oprah Can!

Sometimes, people do or say things that make you see them in a different light. I’ve seen clips of Oprah’s recent acclaimed speech and I have to say, she does look Presidential.

If you’d told me even a year ago that the richest African-American Woman was mulling a Presidential Run, I wouldn’t have believed you.

Not because I don’t think Oprah wouldn’t make a great President but because she’s Oprah and so didn’t strike me as someone who’d venture into Politics. She still hasn’t said she will run for office but should she choose to, I hope she wins.

I grew up watching The Oprah Winfrey Show as I’m sure millions of girls, women and some men around the world did. I think I even contemplated a name change at some point because I thought her name was so cool.

There were also times I wished she’d adopt me. Sorry Mum! There was just something about her. I may not have followed her into Television and Broadcasting but she did and still inspires me. I love her persistence, work ethic, confidence and above all generosity.

If I’d gone through what she did before she became famous, I’m not sure I’d have triumphed the way she has. And if I had achieved even a drop of the success she has and continues to, I’m not sure I’d still be working as hard as she is even when she doesn’t have to.

I love how people still look up to her and how she continues to open her empire so others can launch or advance their careers too. Talk Show hosts dream of becoming the next Oprah Winfrey to this day.

From O Magazine to OWN Network, Oprah is here to stay and that doesn’t happen often. I think I’ve read just about every article about her and any Movie she happens to be in, I will watch.

We all have celebrities and icons we idolize and most of us would probably be nervous wrecks if we ever met them and yet I feel I’d be totally comfortable around Oprah. She’s not perfect because nobody is but I can’t really see her making terrible decisions or overseeing some sinister plans.

She just exudes so much love and I see her trying to uplift others as she has always done. If the Oprah Winfrey Leadership Academy for Girls is any indication, I see her doing even more for African and other disadvantaged girls around the world.

It may not be in the “You get a car, everybody gets a car” realm as she so often spoiled her live audience but I know she would surely invest in real solutions to some of our biggest challenges just like she has done over the years.

So here’s to wishing one of the most selfless women I “know” the best should she decide to run for office. If anyone deserves to be America’s first Female President, Oprah Winfrey does. I know I’d vote for her!