Is it a happy new you?

At a particular point in time, some people have chosen to say that a year has elapsed and a new one has begun.

At a particular point in time, some people have chosen to say that a year has elapsed and a new one has begun. But who says so? Well as the Christian year which follows the Gregorian calendar commences on the first day of January ( believed to be the day Jesus got circumcised); the Chinese are happily anticipating their new year that is celebrated between January, 21st and February, 21st . Korea and Vietnam follow closely still at around the same time. For each month, a particular people are happily celebrating their New Year until December in which the Mizo people from north east India start their year as most people close theirs!

Interestingly, enough even for those who welcome the New Year on 1st January, it happens at various times as there is a huge difference in time zones. The very first country to usher in the new year is a small Pacific island of Tonga and the last ones are the small islands that are near the United States.

That means one can celebrate one new year twice or thrice. After you celebrate in one country, you get on a plane and fly to the country that is yet to welcome the new year and boom, there you are! You could also celebrate every month should you choose to. Another implication is that New Year’s resolutions are being made every month throughout the year. So while you are busy executing your goal, another person across the globe is getting ready to set theirs, yet while another is saying theirs at that point! What a diverse world we live in!

While there is always plenty of food in most places, the New Year has seen different activities done by various people throughout the world. In Afghanistan, for instance, the national dance is performed until there is no one on the floor. In Italy, you throw your old furniture out of the window to ensure you get new pieces, while in Denmark you throw a plate at your friend’s door; the more plates you find at your door, the more friends you know you have – how comforting! In Nigeria, at the stroke of midnight some people can be seen going to the places of those people they fell out with, apologizing and requesting that they begin afresh in the new year. What a great way to start the year! How did you start yours?

Lois Nakibuuka
is an educator and counsellor

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