The power of positive thinking

Positive thinking is a thought process, where an individual thinks only positive. In other words, he does not allow any negative thoughts to enter his mind.

Positive thinking is a thought process, where an individual thinks only positive. In other words, he does not allow any negative thoughts to enter his mind.

There is tremendous power in positive thinking and it does help a person to get elevated both materially and spiritually. This is a fact, though many people mock at the idea. Mind is the supreme executive of the body. Mind is something beyond the anatomic collection of tissues and cells. The overall consciousness, intellect and alertness is something more and that is his mind.

The mind governs the entire consciousness and thought process of a man. It is responsible directly for the power of thinking, decision making and feelings of a person. Indirectly it governs all body functions through stimulating the sympathetic and parasympathetic systems (responsible for involuntary functions of body).

Positive thoughts keep the mind relaxed and calm. This improves the decision making ability of a person thus helping him to be successful in worldly matters. In face of adversity one with positive thinking does not get disturbed readily. He tries to think of a solution with a cool mind. If spiritually inclined, this person may accept everything as God’s will and wait patiently for the situation to change while carrying out efforts for the same, simultaneously. Whatever happens, he does not get stressed out hence always remains happy and healthy

The working of one with a negative mind set is altogether different. He always thinks negative even before the work has started. Because of negative thoughts, he has many apprehensions and anxiety. Thus he is not able to focus well on the work at hand. This affects the work, resulting in failure, which generates more anxiety thus creating a vicious cycle. All this affects the physical health too.

Every human being consciously or unconsciously influences others. One with positive thoughts shall always influence others positively and gain their admiration and respect

Thus one should try to develop positive thinking, though not very easy. Human mind is unstable, excitable and inattentive most of the times. One can try to keep the mind thoughtless even for a minute and see how difficult it is. In everyday situations one should try to look at the positive aspect of various affairs. Regarding colleagues, friends and family members, an individual should attempt to look for only positive things in them. This attitude will make a person feel always happy and also help him gain more respect from people around. The relations with others will also be strengthened which is a requirement for mental relaxation and happiness

Even if there is a problem, it should be thought that this could have been worse. With a positive mind set, an individual can go about solving the problem. Because of positive thoughts he feels confident that things will change for better. One with positive thoughts knows that as night is always followed by day, so is the cycle of life. Bad times always change into good times. The adverse situation does change into favorable one sooner or later.

Being happy in other people’s happiness is also an attitude which helps in improving positive mentality of an individual. One should attempt to be happy on joyous occasions and achievements of others.

Reading good literature, inspiring stories of courage and valor and success against odds are helpful in developing positive thoughts. Meditation is a very good tool to help a person strengthen his mind and have positive thoughts.

Before sleeping, it is good to do introspection daily. A person can think as to where he was negative today in his thinking and try to correct that.

With these efforts gradually one can get rid of his negative thoughts and replace them with positive thoughts. Once the mind is full of positive thoughts a person can realize as to how confident and powerful he will become.

Beginning of new year should begin with focus on keeping the mind surcharged with positive thoughts always .

Dr Rachna Pande, Specialist, internal medicine

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