Editorial: Sexual crimes have no place in our midst

There are very interesting but serious debate heating up the local social media scene that goes to show, the power, reach and potential dangers of social media.

The first were allegations of some sexual predators in our midst that preyed on innocent girls with impunity. A few names were publically called and then all hell was let loose and the police was also brought into the picture.

Some blamed the victims for not coming out earlier and reporting the matter. Some of the postings were sarcastic in nature and unfeeling of the stigma a rape victim goes through. The other side was made up of fiery females who put all males in the same patriarchal rapist basket.

They conveniently forget that this is a county that has promoted women’s rights, especially the girl child. It will leave no stone unturned to maintain the momentum of keeping a gender balance that is one of the most equitable in the world.

Whatever the different schools of thought that exchanged heated arguments and counter arguments, they all wanted authorities to get to the root of the matter. Nonetheless, a line needs to be drawn to avoid nasty unfounded allegations that risk ruining people’s reputations under social media anonymity.

Of course in cases of rape, time is of essence as it is difficult to prove a case with no tangible fresh evidence, be it scientific or otherwise, but justice is needed all the same. Men need to be their sisters; keepers and vice versa and sexual harassment and exploitation should be fought by all mean necessary; including social media. But everyone has to tread carefully how they use it.