Why should govt set Irish potato prices?


RE:Govt renews push for cold rooms as potato prices dip” (The New Times, December 30).

Rwanda has to improve the quality of the potatoes. They are not round—they look more like stones even though the taste is delicious.

Christer Höglund

I think we need an explanation why the ministry is intervening in the natural law of demand and supply. Why set the prices now yet when the prices were high two months ago (at almost Rwf400 per kilo), the ministry did not intervene?

Secondly, doesn’t the issue of regulation of food prices come in when there is a famine in place to avoid a scenario where business exploit farmers and make obscene profits? This seems like a suspicious move by the potato sellers who seem to be using the government to protect their profits at a time prices have fallen drastically which ensures us, the consumers, get the most out of a healthy market with principles of supply and demand.

Concerned Consumer