The young rich author

Cyusa was 21 years old and his dream was to become a big author. He loved to write and read books every time. He had already written some books. He also had a dream of publishing all those books but he couldn’t because he had a very poor background. When he made 22, he decided to find a solution to his challenge. He asked his friends and family if they could help him in publishing his books. They couldn’t help him but just told him to talk to his parents about his dream.

So cyusa went to talk to his parents one morning. He asked his parents if they could help him publish his books. So, his parents told him that they could only help him by organising an appointment with an author who once studied with his father and who could help him publish his books. Cyusa thanked his parents and went to his room and started organising his books.

Two days later, Cyusa met the author called Rwagasana. He had read one of his books that were sent to him before the appointment. Rwagasana was really proud of Cyusa and told him that he was going to help him publish his books in a publishing house. Cyusa was really happy and gave all the books that he had written since he started writing.

After two weeks all the books Cyusa had written were published and sold across the country, which was very good news to Cyusa’s family. Cyusa was really happy and thanked Rwagasana for helping him. After the books were published, Cyusa earned a lot of money, which helped him to publish more books.

After Cyusa had become a popular young author, he decided to publish more books in series. But above all, Cyusa had become a young rich author, which inspired other young children to write books. Cyusa has since continued writing books and made it his career.

Moral of the story: It pays to follow your dream. Happy New Year!

The writer is an S4 student, Lycée La Colombiere School, Kigali