Kabagira on how she fell in love with journalism and fashion


26-year-old Christelle Kabagira is a journalist with Rwanda Broadcasting Agency (RBA), presenting ‘The Jam’, and ‘In Style’. Her love for the journalism began at a tender age until she developed love for fashion at a later stage. She had a chat with Sunday Magazine’s Sharon Kantengwa on how she fell in love with her profession.

How did you get into the entertainment world?

I have always loved TV ever since I was little and I always imagined myself as an entertainment reporter or anything related to TV. When I joined University, I joined the beauty pageant and was crowned Miss Cavendish University, in Uganda.

The crown opened doors for and I started doing TV commercials, and became the face of Cavendish University. I chose to pursue journalism because I was bold, spoke more than three languages and loved the camera, so after my graduation, I came back to Rwanda to pursue the career of my dreams.

How did you develop your love for fashion?

Being a beauty pageant, exposed me to many opportunities like modelling which also exposed me to the fashion world. As models, we are required to work hand in hand with the designers and that is how I fell in love with fashion and decided to do a fashion show.

What do you like most about TV presenting?

Dressing up for the show is the most exciting part. I love looking good and every time I am preparing for a show, I take time to plan on what I will be wearing for the show. I have a designer who sponsors for my makeup and another one for my outfit and we work together in picking what I will be wearing and I am always excited to do so.

What is the most difficult part of your job?

I work almost every day of the week and hardly have time for myself. I have to edit my show and sometimes I wish I could get someone to at least do that for me because editing involves a lot which takes a lot of time. I am good at it but I hardly have time for it.

Who has been your biggest inspiration?

Very many people have played a role in nurturing my career because I grew up watching and following reality TV Shows, The Wendy Show and feeling like hosting such shows in a better version. Diane Muganga who used to read the French News on RTV, however played a big part in mentoring me because this field of work can be tricky when it’s all new. She is a relative and I was inspired by how she read the news.

What are your plans professionally?

I love entertainment, but I see myself doing more of fashion in the future. I also see myself on fashion TV and red carpet events and maybe owning my TV, but I want to venture more into fashion.