Creative communication: Learn idioms


Learning with others helps you understand more, socialise and think bigger and better. (Dennis Agaba)

l Get cold feet - Be nervous

l A rip off - Too expensive

l Get a kick out of - Enjoy

l Read between the lines - Find the hidden meaning

l Have mixed feelings - Unsure how you feel

l Draw a blank - Can’t remember

l Have a change of heart - Changed your mind

l Be second to none - Be the best

l Get your act together - Behave properly

l Play it by ear - Improvise

l Have second thoughts - Have doubts

l A basket case - A crazy person

l Have a shot at - Have a chance

l Be in the same boat - Be in the same situation

l Out of the blue - With no warning

l A grey area - Something unclear

l Give someone the cold shoulder - Ignore someone

l I’m all ears - You have my undivided attention

l See eye to eye - Agree

l Call it a day - Time to quit

l The icing on the cake - Something additional that turns good into great

l For the birds - Something that is not worth anything

l Birdbrain - Someone who is not very smart

l But a bug in his ear - Make a suggestion

l A bull in a china shop - someone who is very clumsy

l Pig out - To eat a lot

l Wolf in sheep’s clothing - A person who pretends to be nice but is not

l Cry crocodile tears - To pretend to be upset

l Make a mountain out of a molehill - Make something that is not important into a big deal

Compiled by Dennis Agaba