Jack the sailor

In the ancient times there were some sailors who lived in a village called Rulindo. The village was near an Island. One day a smart and wise sailor called Jack was steering around the Island. He heard a strange noise. Then he looked behind and saw a storm coming.  He tried to escape from the storm but the storm was too strong that it blew his ship and it crashed on the other side of the island. He didn’t know where he was.

He walked and walked and reached in a forest. There he hid behind a bush and saw many animals. He also saw other three people named Sophie, Mike and Elita. Sophie, Mike and Elita were friends.

Sophie saw jack hiding behind the bush. Sophie started to go near jack. As jack saw her, he was frightened. Sophie told jack, don’t be afraid as she called the others.

They introduced themselves to Jack. Jack also introduced himself to his new friends. He asked them “Can you help me?” “In what?” the friends asked. Jack told the whole story how his ship was crashed on the Island. I need to find my way back to my home. Where do you live? They asked.

I live in Rulindo village, Jack replied. Do you know the way?” Jack added. Yes, we do. They answered. Then they started the journey to the way back. They crossed many dangerous things like traps, dangerous animals and many other things. Just as they were going to reach at the other side of the island, they heard someone talking. They hid behind a bush and saw pirates. The pirates were talking about some treasure which was on that Island.

They also heard the pirates saying that they will use the treasure to destroy the village were Jack lived. Jack wanted to find the treasure to help the village. He told Sophie, Mike and Elita, we have to find that treasure first. But where will we find it? Sophie asked. Good question, Jack said. Well most times treasure is found in caves. So we have to look for caves. At that moment Jack saw a cave. Hey, maybe the treasure is in that cave Jack said. Yeah, maybe it could be there. Sophie said. Then what are waiting for, let’s go. Jack said. Jack, Sophie, Mike and Elita went in the cave and found the treasure, but they also saw the pirates are coming. Quick, come here guys, Jack said as he saw an opening out of the cave but it was going to close. Oh no! Jack and the others ran faster and made it out of the cave with the treasure but the pirates stayed trapped in the cave.

That was close, said Mike. Yes, the others said. Then they noticed that they have reached on the other side of the Island. But then Elita said, how are we going to reach the village without a ship or boat? Yes Jack, Elita is right, said Mike. I have an Idea, said Sophie. What? Asked Jack. Let’s build a sail boat. Good Idea they said.

 They quickly build a sail boat and sat on the sail boat with the treasure and the sailed to the village. When Jack saw his family, friends and his village, he become so happy and they lived happily ever after.    

The writer is a student at Ecole La Colombiere