Experiment corner!: The walking water


By Keza Nelly Bayingana; S3 student, Lycée La Colombiere School, Kigali

In this experiment what’s needed is; food colour (different colours, at least two), tissues, two half glasses of water and one empty glass.

  • To start you will need to put two different food colours in the two half glasses of water and the empty glass in the middle.
  • Second step: You will need to fold two tissues on their own and then put one side of each in one glass and the other side in another glass until the three glasses have tissues in them.
  • As time passes the coloured water will start rising through the tissue moving to the other empty glass as the colours mix up and make up another colour. For example yellow+blue=makes up green.

You can also use a white rose with at least two different food colours in two different glasses of water. With the white rose you will divide its down part into two to be able to put one part into a glass of coloured water and the other part into another glass of coloured food. Hour after hour the water will start to rise in the rose to change its colour into any food colour you used in the glasses.

Let’s make experiments and grow our knowledge and talent!