Children share the skills they have gained out of engaging in co-curricular activities?

I have learnt better time-keeping through co-curricular activities. Through activities such as debate, we learn the value of time, and this has helped me to be organised and do my activities on time. Besides, we also engage in community work, where we learn several social skills, such as sharing, helping and communicating.

Samuel Iradukunda, 12 years old

There are a lot of skills to acquire, but the most valuable of all is team-working. I have learnt how to join efforts with others to accomplish tasks. It has opened ways of sharing ideas with others and I have also learned new skills from my colleagues.

Gisele Mutoni, 13 years old

I look at co-curricular activities as the source of creative learning. It helps us to gain more interest in our studies; it refreshes our minds and enables open-thinking. Personally, the activities have assisted me to increase my self-esteem, overcome my fears, and learn how to positively interact with my colleagues.

Nadine Uwajeneza, 14 years old

Though I am on my way to discovering my talent, I have seen some of my colleagues grow their talents through such activities. Besides, co-curricular activities are fun, and open a door to making new friends. They have also improved my innovation, focus and problem-solving skills.

Edmond Tuyizere, 14 years old